Amelia Conway is an experienced actress, model and presenter in beautiful Sydney, Australia. She has trained at multiple schools locally and internationally, including NIDA, TAFTA, Sydney Actors Collective, The Scene on Screen, Marcus Graham and Margie Haber LA, ACE Studios LA. Amelia’s acting style is to truly immerse herself in the truth and reality of the present moment.

Modelling has been a staple in Amelia’s career for the past 15 years, she has been in several magazine covers such as LITA Magazine -swimsuit edition, SYD Photos and StarCentral magazine. Amelia has also appeared in multiple online boutiques (such as Showpo, White Runway, Samira’s Closet) and has done countless runway shows, such as Australian Bridal Fashion Week.

Amelia has also appeared and/or presented in many TVCs (KFC, ActewAGL, Dream Sheets) and online advertisements (The Fable, Content Snare, AI Films, Havianas).

Amelia has studied and perfected the US accents with Natasha McNamara and Barbara Hastings, as well as auditioning and performing in several US short films. Amelia can also perform with a variety of UK accents included Received Pronunciation (RP), cockney and other UK accent variations. This came naturally to her due to her father’s British heritage and her multiple trips back to see English family.

Amelia is also experienced in improvisation, (comedic and dramatic) having been a part of her theatre sports team at school; she then went on to study and performs live with Laugh Masters Academy (LMA).

Notable credits include her lead role in “Bad Influence” as Laura and support in quirky indie feature “Friends & Strangers” set for release 2021. Amelia is currently working on ‘The Choice’ feature, and has 2 more features lined up for filming in 2021, ‘Get A Life, Alright’ and ‘ Cinphoney’. Amelia’s career is just starting to light up and there is a bright future ahead.

Amelia is also a keen writer and is currently directing her own comedy web-series ‘Roller Coaster Testers’ set for release late 2021.