Friends and Strangers

Feature Film – Directed by James Vaughn

Friends and Strangers is a comedy-drama that explores displacement, disconnection and ennui in contemporary Australia through the eyes of two upper-middle class millennials. The was recently accepted as a finalist into IFF Rotterdam prestigious Tiger Competition and will have its world premiere in February 2021. It is also the first Australian film to make it into the competition.

Boldly framed and delicately layered, the film presents several sketches from life as experienced by Alice and Ray, two twenty-something drifters born into privilege but seemingly incapable of navigating the featureless ocean of casual employment, limp romances and half-arsed entrepreneurial schemes.

Amelia plays ‘Louise’ an entitled and affluent woman living in Vaucluse, soon to be married, she is more concerned about wedding plans than the arrival of Ray, a stranger, into her home. Amelia’s performance is a highlight and equally layered in comedy and drama.

A Bad Influence

Feature Film – Directed by Andreas Toumbas

Introvert Anthony attends his best friend’s housewarming party, which goes fine until brash, loud-mouthed Steve arrives. Things go from bad to worse as Anthony struggles to control the troublesome, alcohol-fuelled Steve. 

Written and directed by Andreas Toumbas, this was Amelia’s first feature film role which she landed early in her career in 2018. It was her first time taking on such a indepth character and she was thankful to Andreas for seeing potential in her and giving her a chance.

Amelia plays lead female ‘Laura’. Her role was particularly dramatic as the characters night unfolds she find out more and more things she didn’t expect. Amelia very much enjoyed this challenging role and has had great feedback on her dramatic work. Amelia found from this role that she has a penchant for pained and anguished characters and is able to bring them to life on the screen.



Short Film – Directed by Jay Richards

In this short film psychological thriller by Jay Richards, a deeply religious woman slowly becomes undone as she comes to terms with the reality of her husbands betrayal.

Amelia plays lead female ‘Olivia’ who takes an incredible journey from deeply faithful in her religion and marriage, to becoming vengeful and disillusioned.

This was an incredibly dramatic and challenging role requiring all of Amelia’s presence. As well as research into the Catholic religion and exploring what it would feel like to be betrayed by someone we love.

Amelia is particularly proud of the work she was able to achieve in this story and looks forward to it being available for screening, which should be late 2021.


Short Film – Directed by Pier Mazzi

A dying woman…and her clone. What would it be like, seeing yourself replaced in front of your own eyes?

Uniquity written by Jeremy Crome and directed by Pier Mazzi saw Amelia play ‘Lydia’ and ‘Lydia’s Clone’.  The technical aspects of filming one actor as two characters was very challenging, but it was pulled off seamlessly by the crew. This was a final year short film project for students at SAE, but it has a high production quality and beautiful colour grade and score.

Co-star Josh Stanes played her scientist husband ‘Grant’ who made the clone. It was a very challenging but enjoyable role for Amelia, as she had to switch between characters, Lydia/Clone, very quickly as filming schedule was tight. Switching between mindsets and points of view taught Amelia a lot about the differences between the two characters. In the finished film there is clearly two distinct characters on screen, down to voice and body language, Amelia really worked hard to make sure each character was distinct.

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